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A collection of drum samples straight off my old Akai S3200XL

Happy to share with you my first library, consisting of few classic and rare drum machines that I carefully (and painfully!!!) sampled straight into my old Akai S3200XL, sometimes also overdriving the Akai preamp to achieve more characterful sounds.

This pack includes: Roland TR-505, TR-606, TR-707, TR-808 and TR-909, Jomox 999, Vermona ER-9, Casio RZ-1 and Viscount R64 PCM.

Recorded through RME converters at 96kHz - 32bit, the samples were edited, processed and normalized, then properly dithered and downsampled.

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A simple MIDI note on probabylity device for Max for Live

Chance sets the probability that a MIDI note will play or not.
The probability outcome is re-evaluated every time a note is set to play.
The default setting is 100%, meaning that all the notes of a pattern or sequence play every time.

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